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Drag and Drop

No code needed to build your logic. Simply drag and drop the blocks you need for your bot. Try moving/adding the blocks on the UI next to this text

Get AAVE's health factor for a given account AAVE Health Factor
Repay part or all your AAVE loan AAVE Repay Loan
Add funds to your AAVE account in order to increase your collateral AAVE Deposit Collateral
Get Chainlink's price list for Ethereum Chainlink Price List
Send message to Telegram account Telegram
Get notified whenever a transaction takes place Ethereum Monitoring

Ethereum to Telegram

Medium Article

Learn how to receive Ethereum notification on Telegram here

Multiple APIs

Use multiple decision paths and data sources within a single Bot!

Sharing is Caring!

Share your bots and monetize their popularity

Need Inspiration?

Check other member's bots and use them as your own

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