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New: The Boto Sepolia Faucet

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Need Sepolia ETH?

Type /gimme <wallet address> in our faucet Telegram group and you'll get up to 1 eth, per day. Try it out now:

Why we built a faucet

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Like everyone else in web3, we've struggled to find just a little bit of coin and scoured the web for working faucets. So we decided to be part of the solution by creating our own faucet.

Listen to our team talk about what inspired us to buid a faucet, and why we went the Telegram route:

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How it Works

When you join the group, type /gimme <wallet address> and our bot will send you .5 Sepolia eth 😍 Nudge it again to get up to 1 eth per day.

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Behind the scenes, it starts with a Telegram command block (which anyone can use to build a bot, btw!). We named the command "gimme" and connected the command block to a faucet block.

The faucet block has fields detailing how much should be transferred, on what network, what the max is someone can receive, and over what period.

From there, we connect to two message blocks. If successful, we send an etherscan link to the eth transfer. If unsuccessful, we let the requestor know why.

The best part? This bot took no more than 10 minutes to build. Which, we maybe did in the 10 minutes right before the Twitter space πŸ˜…

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Krystle BloughAbout Krystle

Krystle Blough is the Head of Community at and has been working in education & automation for 15+ years. She has presented at CMX Summit and Wikimania conferences about her experience in increasing adoption of emerging technology. She ran a 50k trail marathon once and now people think she runs fast (false).

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