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Strong Security Ratings for Boto's Smart Contract ✅

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Top marks on our smart contract audit 💯

As we move forward by building functionality to not only let you listen to the blockchain but to also write on it, we're happy to report that our smart contract audit results are in...and they're all good 😎

Check out the results here.

Who did the audit?

We chose Trust Security to do our audit because they're a highly reputable firm in this space. We liked that they had done audits for many established projects like The Graph and Lyra. Their team has some stellar credentials too.

How did Boto's smart contract do?

An audit happens in several phases. The first phase of our audit brought back great results, like no high-risk issues from the start:

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We addressed their findings by implementing mitigations in the following phases, which you can see in the final audit report.

We encourage everyone, in full transparency, to review the audit results yourself.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out at or!



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