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11 Free (and Easy) Telegram Wallet Tracker Bots

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Want to track wallet transactions and get notified immediately in Telegram?

Monitor wallet/address activity for free with these no-code Telegram wallet bots. All you have to do connect Telegram once and fill out the wallet address!

1. Telegram Wallet Token Balance Tracker Bot

Get regular updates of the balance of Ethereum tokens for your (or anyone's) wallet address.

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2. NFT Whale Transaction Telegram Wallet Bot

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Get an alert whenever a wallet buys or sells any NFT.

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3. NFT Whale Portfolio Telegram Wallet Tracker

Notifies you when a wallet invests in a NEW NFT collection and provides key insights about it.

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4. NFT Mint Telegram Wallet Tracker

Get notified FAST when your favorite whales or influencers are minting.

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5. Telegram Wallet Transaction Tracker

Get notified when any ethereum transaction happens involving that wallet.

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6. ERC-20 Token Movement Telegram Wallet Bot

Get notified in Telegram when a wallet sends or receives ERC-20 tokens.

7. Crypto Portfolio Wallet Tracker for Telegram

Get updates of how much your crypto is worth in USD.

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8. Aave Telegram Wallet Tracker Bot

Track your Aave portfolio APY & liquidation risk in real time. Learn how it works in this video:

9. NEAR Wallet Transaction Tracker for Telegram

Get notified every time there is a NEAR token transfer for a wallet you’re monitoring.

10. Token Profit Telegram Wallet Tracker

Monitor how much you can sell your tokens for.

11. Aave Profit Opportunity Telegram Wallet Tracker

Get daily updates for how much the tokens in your wallet could earn you on Aave.

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