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5 Easy ways to track the value of your Meme Team Reddit NFT (for free)

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Curious if you could sell your Meme Team Reddit avatar?

You're probably wondering how much it's worth. Since it's still early on in the Reddit NFT journey, these fun avatars aren't immensely valuable right now, but they might be in the future. Here are 5 different alerts that will email you if and when that moment comes, so you can cash out! Set it, forget it, and profit 🤑

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1. Meme Team Reddit Avatar Floor Change to Email

This recipe is set up to check every 10 minutes if there's a change in the floor price for the Meme Team Reddit Collectible Avatar collection. If there's a change, it will send you an email with the floor price in both ETH and USD.

Use it now 👉

2. Meme Team Reddit NFT Sales Floor to Email

This bot checks the minimum an avatar actually sold for (not how much it was listed for) and across any marketplace (not just OpenSea). Then it converts the floor price to US Dollars and sends you an email.

Use it now 👉

3. Meme Team Reddit NFT sales to email, filtered by trait

Want to keep a close eye on a particular Meme Team trait? Get alerted via email every time one with that trait gets sold, and for how much.

Use it now 👉

4. Meme Team OpenSea Listings Filtered by Price

Want to buy into the collection but don't want to spend more than a certain amount? Set your filter in USD and this bot will check OpenSea for you all day, every day, for a listing that falls within your budget and email you when it finds one.

Use it now 👉

5. LMK when Meme Team floor price is over $100 USD

Holding out for when this collection makes it big? Set an alert for when the floor price (the minimum people are listing the avatars for) hits a certain level. The default is $100 USD but you can change it to whatever you want. This bot will check listings throughout the day, every day, till it brings new some good news via email.

Use it now 👉


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