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Frustrated with high ethereum gas fees? 3 Free Gas Trackers You Should Know About

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Eager to grab a sweet NFT or airdrop, only to get kneecapped by the high Ethereum gas fees?

This latest round of exorbitant gas fees was prompted by memecoin enthusiasm (cough, PEPE 🐸) and graced us with the highest gas fees in the past year. Luckily for you, there's a way to still get things done during blockchain rush hour: gas fee trackers.
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A gas fee tracker is basically a tool that helps you keep an eye on the current gas prices on the Ethereum network. The most popular options to check gas prices are,, and

The best trackers, however, not only show you how much current gas fees are for what you’re trying to do, but they also alert you when gas fees are low in the app(s) you use most, so you can do your thing at the best possible time.

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Some trackers come with additional perks like letting you set a custom threshold (how low is low enough for you?), and taking action on your behalf when that threshold is met (like moving assets to a cold wallet or buying tokens for your DCA strategy).

Here's a really quick look at the 3 most popular free gas trackers and their pros and cons:

Cryptocurrency Alerting


βœ… Easy, no-code setup

βœ… Customizable

βœ… Alert to Email, Slack, Telegram, Discord, Webhook for free


❌ Only 10 alerts (ever) on the free plan




βœ… Customizable

βœ… Free


❌ Requires coding experience, or paying someone to set it up for you


βœ… Alert to Discord, Telegram, Slack, email, Twitter, webhook

βœ… Easy, no-code setup

βœ… Customizable

βœ… 40+ Community recipes to start with

βœ… Free for checking gas up to 50 times per day


😏 None


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Gas Fees


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