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How to Track Solana NFT Sales and Mints

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Want to keep up with a Solana NFT collection you're bullish on?

Set up alerts to know when a new one is minted or sold with these no-code bots!

Solana NFT Sales Discord Bot

Find the collection you want to track on MagicEden. Click on the details for an individual NFT. Copy the on-chain collection address.

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Head over to the Solana NFT Sales to Discord Bot and click "Use This Recipe". Paste the address you just grabbed into the "address" field in the "Solana NFT Events" block.

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Connect Boto to the Discord channel you want to post the sales data into by following these steps. Refresh the Discord channel list, choose the channel you want to post in.

Now just save the bot and turn it on!

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Next time a sale happens, it'll pop up in the Discord channel you picked out, like this:

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Want to post the sales alerts to Telegram instead? Use this recipe: Solana NFT Sales to Telegram

Solana NFT Mints Discord Bot

To track mints instead of sales, grab the mint address from Magic Eden and plug that into the address field in the Solana NFT events block. Choose the "Event Type" mint, save, and turn on the bot!

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For a quick shortcut, use the Solana NFT Mint to Discord Bot.

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