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Instantly Track Sales on Paras, the NEAR NFT Marketplace

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Want to track sales of an NFT collection on Paras, the NFT marketplace built on NEAR?

Learn how to build a no-code Discord, Twitter, and Telegram bot that notifies you immediately when an NFT has been sold. We made it easy for you with just 3 steps 😎

1. Get the contract address

Look at the URL of the NFT collection on Paras. Let’s take Freaky Elves, for example:

Grab the name at the end of the URL. In this case it would be spin-nft-contract.near

Note: If the collection was made through Paras, you’ll need a Paras Series ID instead. Here’s how to get it.

2. Set up the alerts

Decide where you want to post the sales alerts: Discord, Telegram, or Twitter?

Choose the bot recipe for the platform you picked out:

Paras NFT Sales Discord Bot

Paras NFT Sales Telegram Bot

Paras NFT Sales Twitter Bot

You’ll be asked to quickly create a Boto account and then you’re almost done creating a bot!

In the Paras NFT sales block, add the contract address from earlier.

[object Object]

In the posting block, click the + sign to authorize Boto to post on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter.

[object Object]

3. Launch it 🚀

Now save your bot, turn it on...

[object Object]

...and you’ll start getting Paras sales notifications like this!

[object Object]

We ❤️ our community

Have any questions? Enjoying the bot? We want to hear from you!

Join our Discord or email us:

Explore all of our no-code bot recipes, created and shared by people like you:

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