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The 3 best crypto news Discord bots you can set up in minutes!

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Want to be notified on Discord when a crypto news article or subreddit post is published?

These three crypto news Discord bots will help you stay on top of what’s happening in the blockchain and DeFi world so you can act fast. And best of all, they require absolutely no code!

NFT/Crypto News to Discord (RSS)

This recipe will allow you to stay up to date with news from NFT Calendar as well as Editor Picks from Cointelegraph through their RSS feeds! Every 15 minutes, the bot will refresh to see if any new articles have been published. If so, you will be notified immediately on Discord. You can also change the refresh duration if you want to be notified sooner (up to 1 minute).

Use This Recipe

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Reddit to Discord with Keyword Filter Bot

This recipe will update you when a Reddit post is published on the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit. Even better, it will only inform you of posts that include “ethereum” in the title. Want to track something else (i.e. Polygon or Opensea) instead of Ethereum? You can simply change the filter and you’ll only be notified of posts that include your filtered keyword in the title.

Use This Recipe

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Web3 News Starter Pack: RSS & Reddit filtered by keyword to Discord bot

This recipe is the holy grail of crypto news Discord bots. While it may look intimidating upon first open, it’s actually very similar to the two bots we previously mentioned but with more feeds and subreddits linking to one Discord message as well as email. If any new articles are published that include the filtered keyword, you’ll be notified on both. It may seems like a lot, but it really isn’t! All you need to do is connect your Discord, change the filter to your desired keyword and turn it on.

Use This Recipe

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Looking for more crypto news Discord bots? Check out the Botoverse where you’ll find tons of recipes created by our amazing community.

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