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The 3 Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers in 2023

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Tired of jumping from app to app to check on your crypto portfolio?

If tracking your crypto holdings is becoming a pain, portfolio trackers can help. There are SO many to choose from, though…So I scoured recommendations from real people on Reddit and Discord to help make sense of what crypto portfolio trackers are out there, and which ones will best fit your needs in 2023.

What to look for in a crypto portfolio tracker

Here are the main criteria to consider when choosing a tracker–which is the most important one to you?

Coverage: Is it able to track ALL your holdings?

If you’re only holding well-established coins like BTC and ETH and/or using major exchanges like Binance or Kraken, most portfolio trackers will get the job done. It gets a little tricker if you’re also holding NFTs or altcoins.

Cost: How much are you willing to spend?

There are lots of free crypto portfolio trackers out there. Many operate with a freemium model, where you can access a basic version of the product and pay for extra features.

Automation: How can I track my crypto portfolio performance automatically?

There are portfolio trackers that let you input some information, like your wallet address, and they do the rest. On the other end of the spectrum are trackers that require you to update every single transaction. Some also require you to check them often, whereas others let you set up custom alerts (example: I want to know when my portfolio value increases by 5%).

Best crypto portfolio trackers for diverse portfolios (including NFTs)

If you’re looking for one portfolio tracker to rule them all, you’ll draw the most value from a tracker because you’ll save time (and frustration) by not having to check a lot of different exchanges and apps.

Crypto portfolio trackerCoverageCostAutomation
Coinstats✅ 8000+ coins & NFTs on ethereum, polygon, and BSC❌ Up to 10 connections to portfolio(s) and has ads without subscription⚠️ Connect to wallets & exchanges for auto-sync via API key (some risk)
Delta✅ Coins, stocks (10,000+ brokerage accounts), and NFTs (ethereum only)❌ Connect 2 wallets or exchanges without subscription⚠️ Connect to wallets & exchanges for auto-sync via API key (some risk)✅ Any coins on Coingecko, any NFTs on OpenSea, Aave borrows & deposits✅ Free unlimited portfolios✅ Enter public wallet address (no risk)


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Tracks 8000+ coins along with NFTs on ethereum, polygon, and BSC. See a full list of their supported CEXs and blockchains here.

You can make many portfolios (a different one for each exchange account or wallet), but then see your master portfolio which is all your portfolios combined with a graph.


The free version has a limit of 10 connections to your portfolio(s) and also has ads. Paying unlocks more connections, alerts, profit and loss calculations, and analytics.


You can connect directly to your wallets & exchanges so you don’t have to manually enter your holdings or update transactions. It works over an API key you generate in the accounts of the exchange, which is safer if you only give viewing permission. Some are uncomfortable with this, however, after a series of API leaks and resulting theft in 2022.

Offers news and price alerts in a paid plan.

YSK (You Should Know)

Works online and via an app.


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Tracks coins, stocks (10,000+ brokerage accounts), and NFTs (new in 2023, ethereum only).

You can add multiple portfolios and see your total worth (all portfolios added up).


You can only connect 2 wallets or exchanges before needing to upgrade to a PRO plan, and pricing varies but I get the impression it’s not cheap...


Delta can auto import from Binance, Binance US, Bit-Z, Bit4you, Bitfinex, Bitpanda Pro, Bitstamp, Bittrex,, CoinSpot, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Coinbene,, Digifinex, FTX Pro, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, KuCoin, OKX, Poloniex, Yobit.

Wallet connections are available for BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, DOGE, XRP, EOS and more.

Again, DYOR regarding API security.


There’s no online feature right now, just the app.

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Tracks any coin available on Coingecko alongside any NFT collection on OpenSea, LooksRare. This includes NFTs on ethereum, polygon, klaytn, solana, arbitrum, optimism, avalanche, and BNB.

You can also track the performance of your Aave portfolio.

Like the other trackers, you can set up multiple portfolios AND roll it all up into an umbrella portfolio.


Unlimited portfolios alerts under the free community plan sent to Discord, Telegram, email, or Slack.


Ethereum: Input a wallet address and choose which ethereum coins and NFTs to track, and the portfolio will update automatically (you don’t need to input transactions if you buy or sell).

For coins & NFTs on other blockchains, you’ll need to input and update how many you’re holding.

Aave: you just enter your address and it updates automatically.

Try it now 👉 Crypto Portfolio Tracker Discord Updates


Instead of checking a page or app, portfolio updates are delivered to you. However, you can trigger a portfolio update using Discord slash commands with a Pro subscription.

You can also set up alerts for when your portfolio (or a particular holding) goes up or down in value, as well as alerts for new opportunities to invest like:

  • When price of a token goes up by a certain percentage, so you get a reminder to sell. Example: Alert when you can sell BLUR token with profit

  • When an NFT you’re holding begins losing value, or another NFT from that collection is listed with a certain trait at floor price. Example: OpenSea listings below floor price email alerts

  • When there’s a new liquidity pool available on Uniswap for one of the tokens you’re holding. Example: BLUR Uniswap pool alert to Discord

Hopefully with this breakdown, you're in a better place to choose a crypto portfolio tracker that meets your needs.

Also, this is not financial advice.









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